Treatment Options

I offer a wide range of therapeutic modalities/treatments including:


Nutrition and Food Counseling
  • “When diet is wrong, medicine is of not use; when diet is correct, medicine is of no need” ~ Ayurvedic proverb
  • Many conditions can be treated simply through addressing changes in the diet, most notable are food intolerances that may be causing inflammation throughout your entire body  – this could be the root cause of your health concerns!
Food Intolerance Evaluation
  • Food Intolerance Evaluation aka Carroll Method was developed by Dr. Otis G. Carroll, ND who practiced in Spokane, WA from 1908 to 1962
  • NOT a “food allergy” test, but rather identifies a primary inability of the digestive system to properly digest and metabolize a particular food, food group and or combination of foods
  • These digestive inabilities lead to the development of inflammatory toxins as well as reduced nutrition
  • Was one of the first and remains one of the most useful evaluations in determining dietary basis of “dis-ease”
Professional Dietary Supplements
  • Highest quality therapeutic grade products available only through licensed medical professionals
  • Directly shipped to your home or office, with individual online access to reorder at your convenience
Botanical/Herbal Medicine (Phytotherapy)
  • Plants are powerful medicine! Many people don’t realize that often  the active ingredients in pharmaceutical medications are in fact derived from plants
  • A plant’s natural state is better tolerated by our bodies, are less toxic and come with fewer side effects than pharmaceutical drugs
  • A plants complex chemical makeup often allows it to address more than one symptom or health concern as well, making them an effective and more affordable type of treatment
Phytoembryotherapy (Phyto-Gens)
  • An especially potent form of phytotherapy developed by French physician Pol Henry, that has rejuvenating effects on tissues
  • Uses the extracts of fresh buds and young shoots (embryonic tissues) from developing plants, where the plant’s life essence is at it’s peak
  • Nourishing to glands and tissues, and as such is often used in addition to treatment plans with drainage protocols
Oligotherapy (Gammadyns)
  • Developed by Dr. Jaques Menetrier, using small concentrations of minerals as opposed to more the common macro dosing
  • Provides the body with the essential trace minerals that are necessary for all cellular and enzymatic functions
  • Ionic solutions allow the minerals to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream (under the tongue), to be used immediately by the body
  • Founded in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann, a treatment based on the philosophy that “like cures like” through use of dilute substances that can include plants, metals and other natural substances
  • Homeopathic remedies can provide benefits to a wide range of health concerns, but are especially helpful in cases of mental and emotional balancing; often this is where conventional medicine is lacking
Cell Salts
  • Developed in the 1870s by Wiilhelm Schussler, a German biochemist, physicist and homeopathic doctor, they are homeopathic dilutions of the 12 tissue salts (minerals) that make up all the “cells” of the body
  • They act on the cellular level to balance and restore cell function; a very affordable, easy to use treatment that can safely compliment almost anyone’s current healthcare protocol
Bio Therapeutic Drainage (Unda Number Compounds)
  • Homeopathic dilutions of integrations of plants and pure metals in alcohol, providing gentle drainage of the bodies emunctories (organs of excretion – liver, kidney, skin, GI tract, emotions, etc.)
  • These solutions optimize the function of the body’s emunctories, by moving free toxins out, normalizing glandular function, detoxifying organs and recharging enzyme systems.
  • The most gentle and yet profound “detoxification” for your body
  • Modern hydrotherapy started in 1697 with Englishman John Floyer. After many years in Europe and with many affluent practitioners, such as Father Kneipp and Vincent Priessnitz, John Kellog and two students of Father Kneipp, Benedict Lust and Henry LIndlahr, brought “water cures” to the United States, where they continue to be used by naturopathic doctors as a core treatment today
  • Using water either internally or externally in a therapeutic manner, treatments can be done either at home or in a clinic office
  • Stimulates the immune system, reduces stress, improves sleep, and aid in detoxification and drainage protocols
  • Steam distilled plant oils whose complex aromatic chemical properties have an array of therapeutic benefits
  • For those who are wondering, I use Young Living Oils. To my current knowledge they are one of the best quality oils available. For those who don’t realize it, aromatherapy is a form of botanical medicine –> Phytotherapy
Flower Essences (Bach Flower Remedies)
  • Dilute extracts of various types of flowers and plants that are useful in the management of a wide variety of health concerns, especially mental and emotional concerns
  • They are similar to homeopathic remedies in their preparation, and were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach, a famous English physician, who created the original 38 remedies
Laboratory Testing and Panels
  • Several companies with a variety of conventional and alternative lab evaluations are available on a case-by-case basis. The following are a sampling of the labs available:
    • Adrenal Stress Index, Thyroid Panels, Lyme’s Disease, Cardiovascular Inflammatory Panel, Cholesterol, Complete Blood Count (CBC), Complete Metabolic Profile (CMP), Micronutrient Testing, Female Hormone Panels, Urinalysis, Stool testing, and many more.

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