While the measles blog is under construction/investigation shall we say…I’d like to continue sharing some of my daily naturopathic insights – or rather – ways I’m incorporating natural medicine and a healthier lifestyle from day to day, just you know stuff you may not know about, but might just benefit from. You’re welcome : )

First off, most of you know I rave about the book The Hundred Year Lie — from here on out referred to as THYL. You can buy it by clicking here.

You’re welcome, again— it’s life changing I promise, well at least eye opening for sure.

Well anyway, in THYL I read about a detox center – something I might like to open some day in fact – it is a retreat of sorts in which people come to cleanse their body and mind or rather super charge their immune system so their body can re-balance and “heal” itself.

The center mentioned in THLY is called the Hippocrates Health Institute and they settled on wheat grass juice as the most nutritious and medicinal “living food” and as such made it the foundation of their program. “Less than two ounces of wheat grass juice is said to be nutritionally equivalent to consuming nearly three pounds of fresh vegetables and 103 vitamins and minerals. Wheat grass contains nature’s richest source of chlorophyll and acts as a potent immune system booster, body-organ cleanser, and toxins neutralizer”.

I’d like to visit this place sometime – 85 healers on staff “within 40 acres of lush tropical landscape on the edge of West Palm Beach” – two small lakes, four bathing pools, sauna, gym, massage center with yoga and meditation classes daily. Regardless, people from around the world who have been diagnosed with serious health concerns, “deemed to be ‘incurable’ by Western allopathic medicine” come here to get better. The author even tried it out himself and his before and after toxin load results were pretty undeniable (get the book!!)

In fact during the author’s stay a news story entitled “High-veg Diet Wards off Cancer” was run on the BBC news, a summary of a report from the medical journal Cancer, Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention that showed how “raw vegetables are more protective than cooked ones” in cutting the risk of pancreatic cancer by more than half. The most beneficial vegetables noted were all staples of the Hippocrates detox program diet – onions, garlic, carrots and dark leafy greens like spinach and broccoli. The study concluded that “we found strong confirmation that simple life choices can provide significant protection from cancer”. Hmmmm. Imagine that.

So now that I’ve gone a long way off topic – the point of all this was that after reading this story I set out to find my own wheat grass staple. The result: Garden of Life’s Perfect Raw 100% Organic Young Wheat Grass Juice Powder where 1 serving equals 13 shots of wheat grass. It’s even very reasonably priced! Get yours by clicking here.

I was adding it daily to my protein shakes while in school which seemed to help me be more clear headed and power through long days, but it was packed away in the move and I forgot all about it. I just rediscovered it the other day and now I’m on day 2 of my shakes again and loving it. I won’t lie it smells like mowed lawn and makes your shake look weird, but with a good flavored protein powder you hardly notice the flavor change, if it at all. Plus in this case the benefits clearly outweigh the adverse event/risk of some bad after taste : ) Enjoy.

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  1. Corpely.com

    This wheatgrass smoothie uses powdered wheatgrass instead of freshly juiced for the sake of ease and convenience. Organic Wheatgrass Juice Powder and Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass are both high quality and readily available options. Otherwise use your favorite brand for this recipe.


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